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I did this again just last week

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Painfully sweet

Animal love-dog and deer edition

Animal love-orangutan and hound edition

So the substance that stands for the illusion of value has no value?

Japanese rice art

God's sense of humor, example 702

San Francisco 1906, 4 days before the famous earthquake

The transparent factory

"Taste has no system and no proofs." - Susan Sontag

"It is so much easier to talk of poverty than to think of the poor, to argue the rights of capital than to see its results. Pretty soon we come to think of the theories and abstract ideas as things in themselves." - Walter Lippmann

"The first thing that intellect does with an object is to class it with something else." - William James

"Maturity of mind is best shown in slow belief." - Baltasar Gracian
"What is wanted is not the will-to-believe, but the wish to find out, which is its exact opposite." - Bertrand Russell

"A system is nothing more than the subordination of all aspects of the universe to any one of such aspects." - Jorge Luis Borges

"We want to do something and a definition is a means of doing it. If we want certain results then we must use certain meanings or definitions. But no definition has any authority apart from a purpose, or to bar us from other purposes." - I. A. Richards

"People don't use their eyes. They never see a bird, they see a sparrow. They never see a tree, they see a birch. They see concepts." - Joyce Cary

"It is the theory that decides what we can observe." - Einstein

"Platitude: All that is mortal of a departed truth." - Ambrose Bierce

Enneagram Portland
Certified Enneagram Consultants Dale Rhodes, MS, MA. Interweaves psychology, professional experience and spirituality in his counseling and training.

Enneagram Worldwide
The work of Helen Palmer and David Daniels. Large informative site. How to discover your type and your path to development. Describes the interpersonal relationship strengths and challenges for every Enneagram style with every other style.

Enneagram Institute
The books and workshops of Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson
Enneagram Monthly
The only independent Enneagram journal and the largest publication in the field. Includes articles, interviews with well-known teachers and thinkers in the field, news, book/movie/course reviews, teaching schedules.


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