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Fine Distinctions: Fives
Self Preservation Fives

  Often exceptionally knowledgeable, possibly about obscure subjects
  Use their knowledge to contribute to the world
  Sensitive to being saturated, feel overwhelmed by people’s expectations
  Lose their sense of privacy more easily and can quickly feel overstimulated
  Chief defensive tendency is to physically or emotionally withdraw.
  May be more explicitly alienated than the other subtypes
  Can close themselves off, burrow into their hobbies and interests; become expert at subjects so specialized or obscure that others leave them alone
  Try to take little from people; fear what the interaction will cost them
  Have a thin ectomorphic body type although they may gain weight due to a sedentary lifestyle
  Especially cost conscious around money, penny-wise and pound foolish
  Think of millionaire paupers who die in hovels but have mattresses stuffed with money

Intimate Fives
  Trust only a few selected people but then do so totally.
  Friendship is based on the sharing of confidences. Intimacy is equivalent to exchanging secrets.
  A Five’s bond with a close friend or partner is experienced as away from the outside world, in a bubble, with an all or nothing quality.
  Can go from enigmatic, deliberate distance to intense, unguarded openness
  Intuitive, sensitive and non-judgmental of friends
  A streak of voyeurism; think of internet sex
  Can obsessively love from afar and then go cold when their love is physically present
  Compartmentalize their relationships; might have friends who never meet each other
  Could especially fear having their separate friends meet
  Savor fantasies of being invisible, being close to others and yet unseen
  Could be a bigamist if they had the energy
  Sneaky and devious; can betray others by keeping secrets, telling white lies

Social Fives
  A contradiction in terms. can be gregarious, generous friends
  Self declarative and socially courageous; more likely extraverted
  Could be dedicated to promoting a social or group cause, willing to take principled political and social stands even if it means being uncomfortably exposed
  Connect with groups of like-minded people sharing knowledge and affiliations
  Prefer specialized or esoteric realms of knowledge that exclude the uninitiated
  Can be snobs; value knowing the “right” people, belonging to the best clubs or concerned with titles, degrees, credentials
  Good listeners and behind-the-scenes facilitators who avoid the limelight
  Can have an odd combination of presence and distance, like they are fully involved and yet holding something back,
  Indiscreet; may share information with their chosen group and be quite gossipy.
  Can be more Sevenish as in flighty, glib and insincere
  May suffer from Social Affective Disorder, which is essentially stage fright
  A talent for predictions
Five with a Four Wing
  Brings Fives an abstract, intuitive cast of thought
  Like Fours they may be artistically talented and moody
  Combine intellectual imagination with emotional intelligence
  Marriage of mental perspective with aesthetics
  Generally more kinesthetic (conscious of feelings)
  Use their logical mind to temper their visions, daydreams
  Use their logical mind to subdue their feelings
  Can have a sense of being alien although it is not pivotal to their identity and something they may enjoy; may be nostalgic like Fours
  May be eccentric and have an abstracted “absentminded professor” quality
  Some seem distracted, preoccupied and disorganized
  Can fluctuate between impersonal withdrawal and bursts of friendly caring
  Some have an air of implicit superiority
  Can be whiners, especially complaining about how much a job or a relationship or other responsibilities that drain them; could bemoan the difficulty of going beyond their limits
  Some have quiet voices and the non-verbal affect of ghosts
Environmentally sensitive; may feel defenseless against the world’s imput
  Recover slowly from traumatic events
  Can tend to depression where they the world as a gray void

Five with a Six Wing
  The difference between the Four wing and the Six wing in Fives is like the difference between art and science
  Fives with a Six wing are generally more intellectual and analytical
  Good with detail and technical knowledge; tend to think in logical sequences, in a linear way that is information-based; prone to “information addiction”
  More likely to think in words and images and are generally less kinesthetic
  Their tempo of speech and may be faster
  Can be loyal friends, offering strong background support
  Can be kind, patient teachers as well as skillful experts
  Many have a sense of mission and work hard
  Can see both the big picture and its small details and shuttle back and forth between the two
  Can project an aura of sensitive nerdiness
  May have clumsy social skills; socially nervous if not playing the role of someone knowledgeable
  Prone to feeling guilty; readily give other people their power
  More likely to have an authoritarian parent and fear criticism or hostile attack
  May have a push/pull or even hostile relationship to authority
  Can be cold, skeptical, ironic, and disassociated

Five’s Connection to Eight
  Brings Fives access to their raw instinctual energy
  Become more physically kinesthetic; out of their heads and into their bodies
  Enhances sexuality and physicality; a lusty, pushy quality
  Moral and social courage; they take risks, become initiators instead of observers
  The connection to Eight helps Fives translate book-knowledge into action
  Take charge of situations that would otherwise overwhelm them.
  State their needs, initiate contact with others and get things done
  May have leadership qualities and be passionate in a way that is antithetical to the Five defensive dissociated stance
  Can be explicitly antisocial and more angry than they ordinarily seem
  Could have a snappish, standoffish quality or even a nasty edge
  Can get punitive and severe with others; out of touch with their own anger so that it comes out in dissociated ways or as a mean streak
  May fear their own Eight-like anger, project their own Eightness onto others or be in tension to angry, aggressive people
  Turn their anger against themselves, by being self-critical and self-bullying
  Could exercise a cold, calculated behind-the-scenes control

Five’s Connection to Seven
  Brings Fives enhanced imagination
  Seek adventure, whether intellectual, physical or social.
  The connection brings curiosity that gives them the nerve to explore the world.
  Often less self-conscious; they can be funny, engaging and enthusiastic
  Life long learners; stay interested in life and mentally alive into old age
  This connection brings a streak of generosity as well as optimism
  Sense of humor about themselves
  Big picture thinkers; the eclecticism of the Seven combines with the Five’s ability to organize information
  Systems thinkers and model builders
  Reinforces a Five’s tendency to become abstract, schizoid and compartmentalized.
  Can become addicted to information, lose themselves in activity and defensively scatter their attention into a range of empty interests.
  May play mental games for diversion, using humor to disassociate or trivialize.
  Could be flighty, elusively jumping around in their thoughts or even physically fidgety
  Might take actions in a fitful sporadic way and for strange reasons
  Can rationalize and reframe their behavior to duck consequences
  May be socially undependable and noncommittal; can tell lies and rationalize the practice


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