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Johnny Mac: Trick Shot Quarterback

But all operas sound this way to me

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The amazing scale of these is revealed after a few minutes.

The best of Wikipedia

Best card trick ever

Excellent economic analysis and podcasts

The history of Octopus wrestling

Cosmic Zoom

Most people don’t realize the cause of bad haircuts

An alcoholism counselor describing a “dry drunk,” an untreated alcoholic who quits drinking without dealing with their underlying issues or feelings: “If you take the brandy out of the fruitcake you still have a fruitcake.”

“It’s almost like you arrive here as a boulder and you knock corners off yourself until you get smooth like a river stone.”
– David Crosby

Zen koan:
“We aren’t doing a whole lot of hiring yet, but I think you can safely say the firing is starting to stop,” said John Canally, an economist at LPL Financial. “And this shows that we’re close to adding more jobs.”

According to Rabbi Bunim of P'shiskha, everyone should have two pockets, each containing a slip of paper. On one should be written: I am but dust and ashes, and on the other: The world was created for me. From time to time we must reach into one pocket, or the other. The secret of living comes from knowing when to reach into each.

Bumper sticker I saw the other day:
“I oppose the next war.”

Bumper sticker I saw the other week:
“My God loves your God.”

“The world is not an abandoned monument. It is an event of tremendous proportions, the conclusion of which is not yet apparent. The theories that men employ to construe this event are themselves incidents in the mammoth procession. The truths the theories attempt to fix are successive approximations to the larger scheme of things which slowly they help to unfold.”
- George Kelly

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
- Carl Jung

2011 has 4 unusual dates....1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11 & 11/11/11.

Also: Add the last 2 digits of the year you were born, plus the age that you will be this year (2011) & it will equal 111.

Enneagram Sites

The Enneagram in Business
Home of the Enneagram in Business Network, a worldwide group of Enneagram-business professionals who offer Enneagram-based services to a variety of industries. The website has a wide array of resources: training materials, articles, case studies and research. The Enneagram in Business Network also offers regular certification programs.

Enneagram Explorations
Features the dynamic research and insights of Katherine Chernick and David Fauvre into Enneagram "Tritypes" as well as subtypes. They offer phone coaching, consultations, trainings plus well regarded video programs.

Awareness to Action
A group of experienced consultants who use of the Enneagram in organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to small and family-owned businesses and not-for-profit agencies. Consulting and training services, including executive leadership, team building, personality assessments and custom programs.

International Enneagram Association (IEA)
A non-profit membership organization devoted to promoting the subject of the Enneagram. Sponsors a yearly U.S. regional conference and international conferences.


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