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Easy in Your Harness:
The Dynamic Enneagram - Introduction

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     The subject of several best-selling books, the Enneagram is a powerful overview of human psychological types. It describes nine distinct personality styles, their inner motivations and relationships. Each personality style is characterized by a consistent set of themes - scripts people live out that repeat conflicts as well as strengths & possibilities for growth.

     This new series, edited from a Lifethemes workshop, is an excellent introduction to the Enneagram and offers powerful tools for therapeutic change. Newcomers appreciate Thomas Condon's vivid descriptions and everyday examples of personality styles.

     Those familiar with the Enneagram will enjoy a new perspective on the system - one that emphasizes growth and change and possibility. Those with therapeutic or "people-helping" back-grounds will find a large range of new techniques for promoting change and working well with others.

     The Enneagram is also an excellent guide for personal evolution. This audio series offer many ideas for making changes,improving relationships, and enhancing the gifts of your style. They offer a rich mixture of lecture, case histories, interviews and discussion. They are for anyone seeking new horizons in your personal or professional growth. 

     "Freedom is relative. We can never be free of our Enneagram proclivities - our harness, if you will - but we can adjust our compulsions so we can be comfortable and productive. This is what NLP does with the deep Enneagram patterns.

     "In this series, Thomas Condon, author of the popular series of video reviews in the Enneagram Educator and founder of The Changeworks, explains and demonstrates how these two traditions enrich each other. Because of the clarity of the examples and the masterful use of metaphor and humor, Condon is easily understood by beginners, even though this is advanced material for his audience of practicing therapists and teachers. He is also effortlessly entertaining." - The National Catholic Reporter

     "The Enneagram is an ancient system for understanding the structure of personality. According to the Enneagram, there are nine basic personality styles, although within each style there is much complexity. Thomas Condon has been studying and working with the Enneagram for over 30 years and his depth of understanding is apparent. His fascinating, rich descriptions of each personality style allows for an easy recognition of your own.

     "The Enneagram points to patterns of behavior, but more importantly to patterns of perception that are powerful because they are repeated unconsciously. Condon shows us the internal workings of personality-the inner motivation rather than the outer behavior, the driving unconscious belief rather than its surface expression. Condon says, "The Enneagram is about the thought that we think all day long... our central operating strategy." In NLP terms, it shows us what we are moving towards or away from all the time.

   "NLP provides a model for understanding how people function based on how we represent the world to ourselves. Based on that understanding, we can change patterns of thought, belief, or behavior. Or enhance and improve what already works well.

     "Condon uses NLP techniques to work directly on the internal sructure of each Enneagram strategy. Using NLP this way tends to make changes more generative; they tend to last through time and generalize throughout the client's life.

     "The Easy In Your Harness series was recorded at a live workshop. In order to demonstrate his method of using NLP combined with the Enneagram, Condon actually does changework on the CDs. After his description of each Enneagram number, Condon works with a participant who identifies him or herself as having that personality style.

   "Throughout this series, Condon demonstrates the power of the marrying the Enneagram's insights with the effectiveness of NLP techniques. He has an informal, conversational style that makes both listening and learning a pleasure. As Condon explains and demonstrates, the Enneagram is not about labeling ourselves or others but about understanding and moving forward." - Anne Ward, Inner Quest

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