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Sensible Weight Loss I & II
Tom Condon  

A Common Sense Approach 
New Alternatives to Dieting 
Help With Compulsive Eating  
Taking It Off & Keeping It Off 

    This two part audio program offers honest sensible support for appropriate weight loss. 
    Program I is Motivation & Preparation. It will help you identify any hidden causes of overeating and evaluate any healthy lifestyle changes that may be necessary. You can use the program to set realistic goals, strengthen motivation, and resolve feelings that lead to overeating. 

    Program II is Acting & Maintaining. It will help you begin to lose weight and naturally include the new changes into your daily life and future. We've had a great deal of positive feedback about this two part set. 
"I have been using your products for several years, as well as recommending them highly to friends and clients. Each one is truly a marvelous piece of work!  Thank you for your quality."  
-Gardner Wiseheart, Psychotherapist 

"Excellent! Exceptional sound effects. This is the state-of-the-art in hypnosis audio!" - Body, Mind & Spirit



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