Sixes through Nines -
Stress/Security Points & Wings
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Sixes - Fine Distinctions

Six With a 5 Wing

Sixes with a 5 wing are generally introverted and somewhat intellectual. When healthy, they often have many realms of interest as well as surprising competencies and skills. May have an original and idiosyncratic point of view. Can be bookish; some are interested in history or feel rooted in the past or related to a long tradition. Also good at predicting the future. May test potential friends for a long time but once you're in, you're in - a friend for life.

When more entranced, they may project a willed remoteness. Have a "tip of the iceberg" quality - they show little but you sense hidden dimensions, intensity and activity. Tension between needing to be seen and withdrawing for protection. Might act arrogant or cryptic or cynical when afraid.

When phobic, can be diplomatic and say things without saying them. Entranced counterphobics are either cool and loners or argumentative, tending towards violence. Can brood over injustices to them, entertain conspiracy theories, spend time alone building cases. Paranoia in private. May like secretive behind-the-scenes group activity. Sneaky vengeance, passive/aggressive toward others, self-attacking and self-destructive at home.

Real-Life Sixes With a 5 Wing: Warren Beatty, J. Edgar Hoover, Tommy Lee Jones, J. Krishnamurti, Spike Lee, Steve McQueen, Richard Nixon, Chuck Norris, Lee Harvey Oswald, Anthony Perkins, Robert Redford, Janet Reno, Steven Seagal, James Spader.

Movie Sixes With a 5 Wing: Keir Dullea, David And Lisa; Gene Hackman, I Never Sang For My Father; Rock Hudson, Send Me No Flowers; Wendy Hughes, Lonely Hearts; Ben Kingsley, Pascali's Island; Martin Landau, Crimes And Misdemeanors; Sheila McCarthy, I've Heard The Mermaids Singing; Sam Neill, The Piano; Anthony Perkins, Psycho; Michelle Pfeiffer, Frankie And Johnny; James Spader, Bad Influence; John Turturro, Barton Fink; Henry Winkler, Night Shift.

Six With a 7 Wing

Sixes with a 7 wing are generally outgoing and may appear more overtly nervous. More plainly want to be liked and will pursue others in contrast to 5 wing who pulls in. Can be charming, sociable, ingratiating. Have a faster tempo, stronger connection to 3. Often self-preservation subtypes, characterized by a personal warmth. Can have a cheerful, forward-looking drive and be disarmingly funny. Self-effacing, gracious and curious.

When more entranced, may be self-contradicting and seem as if they want two things at once. Sometimes test others overtly, drive you crazy with mixed messages. It may be hard to follow what they're saying. When threatened, one defense is to become impossible to please. When counterphobic, they tend to be accusative. Some get caught up in big plans that they hope will result in material security.

Also can be insecure, irritable, petty, irrational, chaotic. Subject to mood swings, inferiority complexes, runaway fears. May have hair-trigger flare-ups of paranoia. Falsely accuse others and then seem not to realize it. Other times they plead to be taken care of. Sometimes defensively conservative in their lifestyle. Some struggle with appetite.

Real-Life Sixes With a 7 Wing: Jason Alexander, Kim Basinger, George Bush, Judy Davis, Carrie Fisher, Mel Gibson, Diane Keaton, Jack Lemmon, Richard Lewis, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Tyler Moore, Rosie Perez, Sydney Pollack, Richard Pryor, Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Carly Simon, Suzanne Somers, Patrick Swayze, Sean Young, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Movie Sixes With a 7 Wing: Woody Allen, most any film; Victor Bannergee, A Passage To India; Billy Crystal, City Slickers; Judy Davis, Husbands And Wives; Teri Garr, Tootsie; Holly Hunter, Broadcast News; Diane Keaton, Annie Hall; Jack Lemmon, The Apartment; Steve Martin, Parenthood; Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Class Action; Chris Mulkey, Patti Rocks; Bill Murray, What About Bob?; Sydney Pollack, Tootsie; Meg Ryan, When Harry Met Sally; Martin Short, Innerspace; Meryl Streep, Postcards From The Edge; Janine Turner, Northern Exposure.

CONNECTING POINTS (Stress and Security)

Six's Connection to 3
Healthy connection to 3 brings Sixes self-confidence, productivity and skillfulness. Often supports the will and focus to follow through on what they start. More able and willing to make decisions, leadership capacities can emerge. Emphasis on excellence - what Sixes do, they often do well. Can be proud of their achievements, self-affirming. Also, many have good organizational and administrative talents that are related to this connection. Highly capable, though not always confident.

When more entranced, Sixes may descend into 3-like phoniness. Start projecting an image, wanting to be liked. Can go hard-hearted, charming, wear a mask to cover their anxiety. Some conceal their sense of deviance by attacking others who are different.

Can have disassociated ambition and become compulsively competitive. More conscience than an unhealthy 3 but still may be mean, calculating, vengeful. Want to best others and feel superior but hide these motives to appear likable. Could stab you in the back, while feeling like they were the victim. Compensatory hyperactivity - they go in circles and do too much when under stress. Reach a point of exhaustion, then drop into a stupor (low side of 9).

Movie Sixes who demonstrate this connection: Judy Davis, Husbands And Wives; Dustin Hoffman, Tootsie; Anjelica Huston, The Grifters; Ben Kingsley, Pascali's Island; Jack Lemmon, The Apartment; Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Class Action; James Spader, Bad Influence; Meryl Streep, Postcards From The Edge; Billy Zane, Dead Calm.

Six's Connection to 9
Healthy connection brings a calming, faithful, spiritual sense that helps a Six to trust life. They may begin to feel a part of the larger order of existence, in touch with the Big Flow. Helps them to develop a safer image of the universe and find their place in it. Begin to experience faith, not as a concept but in their bodies. Connection also contributes to an "internal reference," where the Six searches for their own true feelings about matters instead of relying on outside authorities. Trust themselves, grow more neutral and centered. Can humanly understand others who would ordinarily seem threatening. The Six starts to sees through their own projections.

When more entranced, a Six may go numb, spaced-out, and lazy like an unhealthy 9. It's an escape chute from anxiety, a haze to shield against danger. May avoid responsibility, stick their head in the sand, procrastinate. Fractured, chaotic thinking. Go in circles; a 9 does this to avoid focused action whereas a Six wants to avoid independent action that may provoke attack. Can get habit-bound, rut-prone, cautious and stuck. Merge dependently with their environment, more passive with authority. Noncommittal or ambivalent in relationships.

Movie Sixes who demonstrate this connection: Woody Allen, Hannah And Her Sisters; Albert Brooks, Broadcast News; Mel Gibson, Hamlet; Jack Lemmon, The Apartment; Sheila McCarthy, I've Heard The Mermaids Singing; Michelle Pfeiffer, Frankie And Johnny; Gena Rowlands, A Woman Under The Influence; John Turturro, Barton Fink.

Self-preservation Sixes often display a personal warmth that is meant to defang the potential hostility of others. If they sense aggression or disapproval in the environment, they may counterphobically zero in on it. Use humor, charm, self-depreciation to make friends out of possible enemies. Can flatter like Twos, play themselves down, work to maintain other people's affection. Act vulnerable, invite rescue. Ingratiating, but more nervously dependent than other Six subtypes. Also less in touch with their own hostility.

Their home environment is sometimes important. May feel like their house is a fortress against the outside world's dangers. Worry about their ability to survive; have scary "worst-that-can-happen" fantasies. A good movie example is Bill Murray in What about Bob?. Also Teri Garr in Tootsie and The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz.

Sixes with this subtype tend to act strong or seductive when insecure. They are much more likely to be counterphobic, especially the men. May seem like Eights, take risks, talk tough. Act powerful and in control at the times when they feel most frightened. Worry about looking weak, having their fears show. May act arrogant but aren't really. Some study martial arts or seek a way of life that makes them strong.

Beauty is another focus; trying to seem attractive so as to contain fear, get approval, and distract others. May consciously hide behind a seductive mask. Unlike Threes, Sixes know they are hiding. Can act cool and patrician or be flirty. Some have a focus on aesthetics. This subtype often has a stronger connection to the vanity of 3.

Movie examples include: Humphrey Bogart, Treasure Of The Sierra Madre; Holly Hunter, Broadcast News; Anjelica Huston, The Grifters; Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Class Action; Nick Nolte, The Prince Of Tides; Janine Turner, Northern Exposure. In Batman Returns, Michelle Pfeiffer turns from a meek phobic Six into a fiesty counterphobic Six. When phobic, she is a social subtype (see below). Her alter ego, the counterphobic Catwoman, is an intimate subtype.

Social Sixes tend to be dutiful and especially dependent upon authority. More often phobic than counterphobic. Often dedicated to a cause. When acting alone they will still refer to others in their mind for safety and agreement. May want to see your opinion first before they will offer their own. Could change their mind to agree with you. Often align with a group or a cause and will follow the rules loyally, trying to please the boss. "Company men." Focus on a social or work context and try to be ideal within it. Could persecute others in the name of their group's ideals.

May imagine they can't live without the group's support: "If I don't play by the rules I'll be out on the street selling pencils." Later there's inevitable disillusionment. Then Six starts grumbling that they are not appreciated. Could go passive/aggressive, resent a boss they had romanticized. Connection to 9 is stronger with this subtype.

Movie examples include: Wendy Hughes, Lonely Hearts; Ben Kingsley, Pascali's Island; Martin Landau, Crimes And Misdemeanors; Jack Lemmon, The Apartment; Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman Returns; Sheila McCarthy, I've Heard The Mermaids Singing; Martin Short, Innerspace.

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Sevens - Fine Distinctions
Seven With a 6 Wing
Healthy Sevens with a 6 wing are responsible, faithful, lovable, nervous and funny. They are generally more oriented to relationship and want to be accepted by other people. Can be steady, more willing to stick with commitments; the 6 wing brings a longer sense of time. Usually funny or enjoy a good laugh - an amazing number of comedians are Sevens with a 6 wing. More openly vulnerable, have an unguarded, tender sweetness. Some have trouble expressing anger even when they are justified. May evade or finesse authority but still aware of it like a 6. Canny and practical, they look for the deals and the loopholes.

When more entranced, may have surprise episodes of sensitivity and insecurity. Their feelings can be easily hurt sometimes. Sensitive especially to comparisons. May avoid putting themselves to the test. Grow dependent and addicted to other people, afraid to be alone, suspicious and skittish. Can feel guilt easily, may project their conscience onto others and then act irresponsibly. Make themselves shallow, fall in and out of love easily. Sometimes breezily betray others by running away. Can be reckless, unstable, and self-destructive.

When Sevens have a counterphobic 6 wing their idealism can motivate a sincere desire for social reform. May work hard for a cause. Can be antiauthority, passive/aggressive, flippant, defiant. Some report hating to be told what to do. Clashes with Ones likely. May call down trouble on themselves. Complain about the status quo. The realm of hippie rebellion.

Real-Life Sevens With a 6 Wing:
Dave Barry, Kenneth Branagh, Joseph Campbell, Chevy Chase, Katie Couric, David Crosby, Hugh Downs, Peter Fonda (counterphobic), John Gielgud, Cary Grant, Goldie Hawn, Marilu Henner, Magic Johnson, Ken Kesey, Timothy Leary (counterphobic), Eddie Murphy, Brad Pitt, Jerry Rubin (counterphobic), Rosalind Russell, Martin Short, Steven Spielberg, Lily Tomlin, Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters, William Wordsworth.

Movie Sevens With a 6 Wing: Richard Burton, The Night Of The Iguana (counterphobic); Ruth Gordon, Harold And Maude (counterphobic); Andre Gregory, My Dinner With Andre; Hugh Hefner, Hugh Hefner: Once Upon A Time; Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast At Tiffany's; Tom Hulce, Parenthood; Christine Lahti, Housekeeping; Rosalind Russell, Auntie Mame; John Shea, Missing (counterphobic); Dick Van Dyke, Mary Poppins; Jon Voight, Midnight Cowboy.

Seven With an 8 Wing
When healthy, Sevens with an 8 wing are often generous, gregarious and expansive. Tend to be exceptionally loyal to their friends, especially when social subtype. Leap aggressively to the defense of those they care for. Might seem loud or boisterous although some are urbane and witty. Enjoy social celebrations, storytelling, jokes, food and travel. Generally have a strong self-confidence for worldly matters and getting what they want. Talent for making something out of nothing - entrepreneurial. Usually share what they have when healthy, want everyone to enjoy their sense of bounty and wide range of interests.

When more entranced, they may be demanding, displaying a selfish impatience and a self-justifying narcissism. May want what they want right now. Aggressive, hasty drive to acquire money and material options and recognition. Can demand that the people in their lives say only what the Seven wants to hear - sugarcoated truth. Lash out angrily if reality doesn't meet their expectations; sometimes vengeful. Often perfectionistic as parents (low side of 1). Moralize to others and then are themselves irresponsible. Amnesia for promises made in an expansive moment. Particular difficulty with sexual fidelity.

Real-Life Sevens With an 8 Wing:
Victor Borge, Chuck Berry, Robert Bly, Michael Caine, Joan Collins, Francis Ford Coppola, Barry Diller, Clark Gable, Ava Gardner, Newt Gingrich, Jackie Gleason, Tom Hanks, Richard Harris, Alan King, Larry King, Robert Klein, Henry Miller, Jack Nicholson, Anthony Quinn, Leni Riefenstahl, Louis Rukeyser, Barbra Streisand, Jann Wenner, James Woods.

Movie Sevens With an 8 Wing: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Mephisto; Jeff Bridges, Tucker; Cher, Mermaids; Richard Dreyfuss, Once Around; Ava Gardner, The Night Of The Iguana; Andy Griffith, A Face In The Crowd; Bob Hoskins, The Long Good Friday; Michael Keaton, Clean And Sober; Ray Liotta, Goodfellas; Paul Newman, Blaze; Jack Nicholson, Batman.

CONNECTING POINTS (Stress and Security)
Seven's Connection to 1
Healthy side of this connection brings self-discipline, follow-through, and a certain idealism. There may be a principled persistence and sober critical faculties that help the Seven to get things done. Good at balanced evaluation; they're appreciative and sort for the positive but they're nobody's fool. Ethics can be important. Want to improve things, search for "win/win" solutions to problems. Start to take life seriously enough to do things well, finish what they start. The connection to 1 generally helps Sevens become more objective and committed in ways they are comfortable with.

When more entranced, their discipline degenerates into a confining web of limits. Seven project their 1 streak and begin to react to the stuffy, pointless rules of others. May confuse discipline with repression, build a trap that they need to escape from, blame it all on you. Critical and dogmatic, can harbor perfectionistic ideals of what others should do. Start to think in black and white; can go obsessive about detail.

The other neurotic manifestation is when Sevens latch on to a Big Idea. This is an abiding principle or future possibility that the Seven is sure will resolve their present discomfort. Can grow quite deluded and obsessed. Eyes fix so completely on a future possibility that they excuse themselves from the consequences of present actions.

Movie Sevens who demonstrate this connection: Jeff Bridges, Tucker; Francis Ford Coppola, Hearts Of Darkness; Robert Duvall, Lonesome Dove; Andre Gregory, My Dinner With Andre; Hugh Hefner, Hugh Hefner: Once Upon A Time; Dennis Hopper, Flashback; Tom Hulce, Parenthood; Sidney Poitier, Lillies Of The Field; Jon Voight, Conrack.

Seven's Connection to 5
Healthy connection to 5 helps a Seven take time to contemplate and internalize their experience. Often brings sobriety, perspective, and the power to digest the experiences they have "eaten." Helps Sevens slow down, calm down, detach, see the Big Picture. May also be more willing to accept their pain and chew through it. Develop a respect for inner turmoil and deeper emotional processes that can take time. May embark on a search for philosophical wisdom. Find more depth, learn how to be alone. Some Sevens have an almost aesthetic distaste for excess that is related to this connection.

When more entranced, connection to 5 supports escapism, stinginess, and depressive tendencies. Unhealthy Sevens will check themselves out of difficult situations, withdrawing into their mind like a 5. Depersonalize - may detach from other people with frightening speed. They then move on to the attractive and new. Addiction to information, ideas, mental fantasy. Tendency to intellectualize feelings and rationalize.

The Seven style is usually generous, but this connection can bring an incongruous "cheap streak." Could pinch pennies, complain about high prices, etc. When more entranced, this can take the form of a stingy selfishness; the Seven could be talking to you about their needs even as you are feeling abandoned or let down by their broken promises. Sevens are also prone to withdrawn depressions, especially as part of a cycle of highs and lows.

Movie Sevens who demonstrate this connection: Anne Bancroft, 84 Charing Cross Road; Richard Burton, The Night Of The Iguana; Robert Duvall, Lonesome Dove; Hugh Hefner, Hugh Hefner: Once Upon A Time; Lena Olin, The Unbearable Lightness Of Being; Robert Preston, Finnegan Begin Again; Robert Redford, Out of Africa; Fred Ward, Henry And June; James Woods, Joshua Then And Now.

Self-preservation Sevens are a little confusing since they tend to be highly social. Characterized by a drive towards family and shared group experiences. Enjoy operating within their real or chosen family, checking in with a group of like-minded people. Chronic sharing on a circuit. People in the group are the source of interesting information and stimulation. Don't feel burdened or trapped by duties like a social Seven. Loyal to family, often have a 6 wing. Defend their circle and castle. Barricade, find safety in numbers. This subtype goes with the image of the "party animal." Movie examples include Auntie Mame and, especially, Hugh Hefner in Hugh Hefner: Once Upon A Time.

Intimate Sevens tend to garnish and embellish reality with fantasy. Intimate relationships are often thought of as shared experimental adventures, and the Seven perceives their partner through a veil of imagination. May romanticize others as a way to avoid the limits and boredom of mundane life with the same old someone. Can be more involved with their fantasy of the partner than with the real person. Tentative, distractible, impersonal, may have a wandering eye. Some have great difficulty with commitment and seem fickle as they move on to the next fantasy projected onto the next new person. Don Juan scenario.

More generally, intimate Sevens have a tendency to be suggestible. They may especially seek the new with the fascinated enthusiasm of a faddist, stepping into future fantasies to avoid the present.

Good movie examples include: Julie Christie, Darling; Tom Hulce, Parenthood; Christine Lahti, Housekeeping; Karen Landry, Patti Rocks; Lena Olin, The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.

Social Sevens often feel a tension between duty to others and the desire to escape. Tend to feel responsible for the people around them and experience that as a confining burden. They then react against the weight of obligation, seeking variety and craving change. When entranced, can be highly irresponsible. When awakened, they make peace with commitment and sacrifice and are often very stable and generous. Often an idealism, sometimes a stronger connection to 1. Serving something beyond themselves, dutiful. Can be from a large family where they had lots of responsibility, eldest child. With an 8 wing they tend to fight the sense of burden harder.

Movie examples include: Beau Bridges, The Fabulous Baker Boys; Cher, Mermaids; Tom Hanks, Nothing In Common; Sidney Poitier, Lillies Of The Field, James Woods, Joshua, Then and Now. Also Christine Lahti in Housekeeping, though her basic subtype is intimate.

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Eights - Fine Distinctions
Eight With a 7 Wing
Awakened Eights with a 7 wing are often expansive, and powerful. Gregarious and generous, they may display a cheerful bravado. Can be forceful but with a light touch, funny. Often have a sense of humor about themselves. Generally more extroverted, ambitious and materialistic. May talk loud and be sociable partygoers.

Sometimes driven to bring the new into being. Can be visionary, idealistic, enterprising. Willing to take risks. May think more clearly than Eights with a 9 wing; 7 wing brings an intellectual capacity.

When more entranced, aggression combines with gluttony to form an almost virulent tendency to addiction. Many entranced Eights with a 7 wing have had drug and alcohol problems or tensions around addiction. Prone to temperamental ups and downs - can be moody, egocentric, quick to anger. Tendency to court chaos, inflate themselves narcissistically. Some are ruthlessly materialistic. Can use people up, suck them dry. Maybe be explosive or violent, prone to distorted overreaction.

Real-Life Eights With a 7 Wing: Leslie Abramson, F. Lee Bailey, Lucille Ball, Sean Connery, Jimmy Connors, Robert Conrad, Brian Dennehy, Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Danny DeVito, Kirk Douglas, Rush Limbaugh, Fritz Perls, Ann Richards, Geraldo Rivera, Telly Savalas, Frank Sinatra, Grace Slick, Donald Trump, Zorba the Greek.

Movie Eights With a 7 Wing: John Cassavetes, I'm Almost Not Crazy; Michael Douglas, Wall Street; Robert Duvall, The Great Santini; Gene Hackman, Class Action; Christine Lahti, Leaving Normal; Laura San Giacoma, sex, lies and video; Ron Silver, Reversal Of Fortune; Elaine Strick, September.

Eight With a 9 Wing
Healthy Eights with a 9 wing often have an aura of preternatural calm, like they haven't had a self-doubt in decades. Take their authority for granted - queen or king of all they survey. May be gentle, kind-hearted, quieter. Often nurturing, protective parents; steady, supportive friends. Informal and unpretentious, patient, laconic, generally somewhat introverted. Sometimes a dry or ironic sense of humor. May have an aura of implicit, simmering anger rather like a sleeping volcano. Slow to erupt but when they do it's sudden and explosive.

When entranced, the 9 wing brings an Eight a kind of callous numbness. They can be oblivious to the force of their anger until after they've hurt someone. Calmly dominating, colder; may have an indifference to softer emotions. If very unhealthy, they can be mean without remorse or aggressive in the service of stupid ends. Paranoid plotting, muddled thinking, moral laziness. Can be vengeful in ill-conceived ways, abuse those they love, don't know when to quit.

Real-Life Eights With a 9 Wing: Edward Asner, Johnny Cash, Fidel Castro, Ty Cobb, Michael Douglas, Milton Erickson, Linda Fiorentino, Geronimo, John Huston, Evel Knievel, Lee Marvin, Golda Meir, Robert Mitchum, Dixy Lee Ray, Mickey Rourke, Marge Schott.

Movie Eights With a 9 Wing: Robert De Niro, The Mission; Clint Eastwood, White Hunter, Black Heart; Rutger Hauer, Ladyhawke; Judd Hirsch, Ordinary People; William Hurt, The Doctor; Shirley MacLaine, Used People; Lee Marvin, Gorky Park; Jack Palance, City Slickers; Gena Rowlands, Gloria; John Wayne, The Shootist.

CONNECTING POINTS (Stress and Security)
Eight's Connection to 5
Healthy connection to 5 brings mental clarity. Begin to think coherently; Eights are more strategic and systematic when this connection is active. Develop an objective perspective that helps them depersonalize and pull back from narcissistic overreaction. Take the long view, think things through, pause before they react. Can grow philosophical. Sometimes studious and introspective. May develop an intellectual streak, especially with a 7 wing. Connection also helps take the edge off Eight's addictive tendencies. They consume less, keep their own counsel, grow more moderate in their behavior.

Unhealthy connection is characterized by morbid withdrawal and tendencies to paranoia, depression, and guilty brooding. Eights can isolate themselves and lapse into inaction. Often this comes after they have recognized their own cruelty or moral failures. Might experience crushing guilt, a feeling that they normally deny. Can then begin to cruelly self-punish, spiral into regret. Fears arise but not usefully. Go dead, feel powerless. Intellect is twisted in the service of self-hatred or heightened paranoia about betrayal by others. When deeply unhealthy there is a strong possibility of suicide.

Movie Eights who demonstrate this connection: Philip Anglim, Haunted Summer; John Cassavetes, Tempest; Robert De Niro, The Mission; William Hurt, The Doctor; Kate Reid, The Andromeda Strain; Gena Rowlands, Gloria; Denzel Washington, Malcolm X; John Wayne, The Shootist.

Eight's Connection to 2
Healthy connection to 2 helps Eights learn to change places with others. 2s are overidentified with others while Eights underidentify so this connection helps Eights learn how to empathize. Extend themselves, become better communicators, admit their interdependence. Can become more compassionate and thoughtful, more open and willingly vulnerable. Sometimes have an ethos of love, in touch with the child within. May have therapeutic personalities in that they want to heal others, make things better. Display the strength of true gentleness.

Unhealthy connection to 2 brings codependence. An Eight may get overidentified with their partner and be unable to disengage. May defend their partner's weaknesses, even those that hurt the relationship. Compensate for other's limitations, make excuses.

Also a stronger tendency to overreaction, display a kind of hair-trigger hysteria. Can take the whole world personally like an unhealthy 2. Won't let go of slights and injustices, their pride is offended extra easily. More vengeful, act entitled, episodes of megalomania. Eight's narcissism is intensified and reinforced.

Could also develop an obsession about their partner. Compulsive clutching and possessive demands. Sometimes prone to jealousy, associated with unhealthy intimate subtype.

Movie Eights who demonstrate this connection: John Cassavetes, I'm Almost Not Crazy; Robert De Niro, The Untouchables, New York, New York; Gene Hackman, Class Action; William Hurt, The Doctor; Patsy Kensit, Twenty-One; Christine Lahti, Leaving Normal; Gena Rowlands, Gloria; Denzel Washington, Malcom X.

Self-preservation Eights often grow up poor or struggling. Food, home, money may be crucial. Generally seek control over their immediate environment and may worry about survival. Tend to value things over people. Maintaining order and material security are important. Eights with this subtype have a stronger connection to 5. Can be materialistic and feel deserving about it; more often have a 7 wing. Could be collectors or have prized objects.

Sometimes domineering towards those within their sphere. Might preach an ethic of selfishness - justify their bullying of intimates as necessary to "toughen them up" for the hard world outside. Life is a jungle, only the strong survive. Survivalist mentality, territorial imperatives, angry at family members because they threaten household objects. Hiding in and presiding over their castle; sometimes extra Fiveish.

Good movie examples include: Barry Corbin ("Maurice"), Northern Exposure; Robert De Niro, This Boy's Life; Peter Falk, A Woman Under The Influence; Jackie Gleason, Nothing In Common; Gena Rowlands, Gloria; Denzel Washington, Malcolm X.

Want stability, loyalty and predictability in close relationships. May feel easily betrayed, and are prone to suspicion. Can love deeply, have a genuine close-up interest in and concern for spouse. Since life is dangerous they want to choose close allies carefully. Attached to the idea of being able to trust completely. Lots of testing of their partner's motives. If they pass the tests then the Eight relaxes.

When entranced, this can lead to possessive obsession, and a need to dominate and control partner. Intimate Eights can get codependent, jealous, hooked into the other. Sometimes can't let go; their partner's every move is (over)reacted to. When very unhealthy, spousal abuse scenarios are possible. Stalking, vengeful vows to follow other to the ends of the earth, etc. Connected to the low side of 2. Intimate Eights sometimes play socially rebellious "bad kid" roles.

Social Eights are often loyal to a group and conceive of friendship as a pact of mutual protection. Want everyone to benefit; group's cohesion and welfare is most important to them. Often oriented to family, honest, hold themselves accountable to others. May be the group's protector or provider. Emphasis on cooperation.

When healthy, they are aggressively blustery but will back down and apologize when they've been unfair. More able to say the Three Little Words -"I was wrong." Stronger connection to 2, can emotionally switch places with others in their chosen group. As friends they want to protect what's soft or young in you and appreciate the same in return. Hostility directed towards outside forces who threatens the group's welfare.

Movie examples include: Richard Gere, Internal Affairs; John Cassavetes, I'm Almost Not Crazy, Tempest; Gene Hackman, Class Action; Nick Nolte, Q & A; Ron Silver, Reversal Of Fortune; Elaine Strick, September.

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Nines - Fine Distinctions
Nine With an 8 Wing
Awakened Nines with an 8 wing have a modest, steady, receptive core. They are charged by the dynamism of 8 - when focused on goals they often have great force of will. Get things done, make good leaders. May have an animal magnetism of which they are only partly aware. Can seem highly centered, take what they do seriously but remain unimpressed with themselves. 8 wing can bring a strong internal sense of direction. Relatively fearless and highly intuitive. Generally not intellectual unless they have it in their background.

When more entranced, they manifest the contradictions of the two styles expressing them in sequence. Could be passively amiable like a Nine and then turn horribly blunt like an 8. One moment they are opinionated or nasty, next moment kindly and supportive. Often don't hear their voices when angry. Can have a sharp, grating edge. May be slow to anger and then explode. Or angry but don't know it; may confuse being assertive with being rude. Placidly callous - both styles support numbness. Tactless and indiscriminate and indiscreet. May be unwittingly disloyal, spilling everyone's secrets. Sexual confusion, sometimes they are driven by lust.

Real-Life Nines With an 8 Wing: Clint Eastwood, Peter Falk, Gerald Ford, James Garner, John Goodman, Elliott Gould, Woody Harrelson, Helmut Kohl, Carl Rogers, Gena Rowlands, Gloria Steinem.

Movie Nines With an 8 Wing: Richard Burton, Beckett; Sean Connery, The Russia House; Clint Eastwood, Tightrope, Unforgiven; Sam Elliott, Lifeguard; Elliott Gould, The Long Goodbye; Woody Harrelson, White Men Can't Jump; Bob Hoskins, Mona Lisa; Ann-Margret, A New Life; Al Pacino, Sea Of Love.

Nine With a 1 Wing
Tend to have been "model children." Instinctively worked to please their parents by being virtuous, orderly, and little trouble. When awakened, they have great moral authority plus good-hearted peacemaking tendencies. Often have a sense of mission, public or private, that involves working hard for the welfare of everyone they are committed to. Principled expression of love. Desire to contribute, do little harm. May be well-liked, modest, endearing, gentle yet firm. Some have great grace and composure with bursts of spontaneity and sweetness. Elegant simplicity.

When entranced, they tend to be self-neglectful. May go passively dead and operate from a dubious, fractured morality. Dutiful to what they shouldn't be. Play the good child, disappear into contexts, settle for being overlooked or just partly recognized. Passive tolerance of absurd or damaging situations. One-sided relationships where the Nine gives too much. Rationalize, minimize, tell themselves they had a great childhood, everything's fine. Placid numbness creeps over them. Intolerance of their own emotions. Gradually deaden their soul.

Real-Life Nines With a 1 Wing: Annette Bening, Tony Bennett, Warren Christopher, Connie Chung, The Dalai Lama, Annette Funi-cello, Mahatma Gandhi, Charles Grodin, Patty Hearst, Audrey Hepburn, Anjelica Huston, Grace Kelly, Nancy Kerrigan, Martin Sheen, James Stewart.

Movie Nines With a 1 Wing: Tom Cruise, Risky Business; Annette Funicello, Back To The Beach; Chief Dan George, Little Big Man; Graham Greene, Dances With Wolves; Audrey Hepburn, Robin And Marian; Eva Marie Saint, Nothing In Common; Wallace Shawn, My Dinner With Andre; Tom Skerritt, The Turning Point; Harry Dean Stanton, Paris, Texas; Donald Sutherland, Ordinary People; Joanne Woodward, Mr. And Mrs. Bridge.

CONNECTING POINTS (Stress and Security)
Nine's Connection to 6
The high side of this connection brings several qualities, among them courage. Whereas healthy Sixes develop the courage to do, Nines find the courage to be. Connection helps them challenge fears and take risks. Expose the inner self they usually disguise with self-effacement. Can also be especially loyal friends, faithful and committed to those they love. Connection brings tenacity and a willingness to see things through. Realistic, more able to acknowledge what can go wrong.
More entranced, they develop a nervous, agitated quality. Can overanticipate new events, start to doubt themselves. Obsessive worry distracts them from the need to take useful action or see the obvious. Go scatterbrained. Nine's laziness is reinforced by 6's tendency to procrastinate. Nines put off what is specifically important to their well-being.
Dependency often an issue - will hand over responsibility, then blame others for making the decisions that the Nine won't make. Cowardice, may wimp out on agreements. 8 wing and this connection can make for antiauthority attitudes.

Movie Nines who demonstrate this connection: Jeff Goldblum, The Tall Guy; Andie MacDowell, sex, lies and video; Wallace Shawn, My Dinner With Andre; Imelda Staunton, Antonia And Jane; Donald Sutherland, Ordinary People; Joanne Woodward, Mr. And Mrs. Bridge.

Nine's Connection to 3
High side brings a kind of clarity of the heart. Can suddenly see clearly and prioritize on their own behalf. Take decisive deliberate steps towards goals important to them personally. Steady persistence: when focused, Nines are unstoppable. Connection brings energy and industry and helps with appropriate social presentation. Willing to dress up and voluntarily play roles in the service of goals.

Unhealthy connection brings tendencies towards role-playing, vanity and hyperactivity. Can allow themselves to go false and be defined by a milieu. Play out roles based on the expectations of others. May get caught in vanity and take pleasure in being mistaken for an image. Can have a prince or princess-like quality, act a little entitled. Proud of what others praise, but secretly know it isn't who they really are. Underneath the image, a Nine may feel indefinite and numbly unworthy. Can be fascinated by phoniness in others, want to break through or tear it down. Their unfocused hyperactivity is a busy, active form of sleep.

Movie Nines who demonstrate this connection: Richard Burton, Beckett; John Cleese, A Fish Called Wanda; Tom Cruise, Risky Business; Willem Dafoe, Light Sleeper; Jeff Daniels, Terms Of Endearment; Sam Elliott, Lifeguard; Jeremy Irons, Damage; Andie MacDowell, sex, lies and video; Peter Riegert, Local Hero; Imelda Staunton, Antonia And Jane; Donald Sutherland, Ordinary People.

Preoccupied with physical comfort, maintaining habits and satisfying appetites. The image of the lazy couch potato goes with this subtype. Strategy for getting along is to ask as little of life as possible. Can have a love of the minimal and enjoy the repetition of known routines. Distract themselves with pleasant domestic activities. Live conservatively. Consume food and drink for anaesthesia. May have large appetites, drug addictions, be physically slow moving.

Many good movie examples including Gary Farmer, Powwow Highway; Albert Finney, Rich In Love; Lillian Gish, The Whales Of August; Elliott Gould, Little Murders; William Hurt, The Accidental Tourist; Wallace Shawn, My Dinner With Andre.

Focused on an ideal of romantic union. Get lost in one relationship or in the yearning to have one. High expectations of partner. Sometimes sound melancholy like a Four. Prone to jealousy. May settle on someone and then grow critical and have a wandering eye. Can also deny their partner's flaws and idealize them to stay in union.

Another scenario involves multiple relationships, searching from one person to the next. Sometimes the Nine can't decide between two people. Triangulation. Paradoxically, this subtype can be fickle because they are so easily disappointed.

Good movie examples include: Andie MacDowell, sex, lies and video; Ann-Margret, Carnal Knowledge; Shirley MacLaine, The Apartment; Joanne Woodward, Mr. And Mrs. Bridge.


Social Nines tend to gravitate toward groups and then have conflicts about joining or staying apart. Can enjoy group energy and interests but may be also aware of the group's expectations. These the Nine will both play along with and resist.

When immersed in a group, social Nines can lose themselves, trying to become all things to all people. Gregarious but may start to resist being too heavily influenced, to compensate for their sense of lost identity. Can sometimes resent how the group doesn't really see them. May fixate on what others think of them. Or resent the group and make fun of it. Some social Nines stay basically uninvolved but hang out at the group's edge. Frequently there's lots of activity. May get caught up in roles - a stronger connection to 3 goes with this subtype.

Movie examples include: Jeff Bridges, Texasville; Sean Connery, The Russia House; Tom Cruise, Risky Business; Imelda Staunton, Antonia And Jane. Bill Clinton would be a real-life social Nine.

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