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Practical Intuition
By Thomas Condon   

Hypnotic Exercises 
Positive Results 
Intuitive Understanding 
Intuitions on Demand 
Confident Decision Making 

Hypnotic exercises to apply intuition to practical everyday outcomes and get to know the language of your intuitive "part." How to recognize and interpret your hunches, insights and little voices.

"I attended Thomas Condon's intriguing seminar on intuition several years ago. I was curious about how he would present similar information as recorded material. This CD consists of a set of "hypnotic exercises" for finding one's personal intuitive language, whether it be particular sounds or words, special visual signals, certain feelings or any combination of these.

Condon helps the listener focus on their intuition, while allowing any distractions to blend into the background. The CD is carefully planned. Each part has a specific purpose that builds towards the larger goal. There is a pause between each of the exericses so that the participant may turn off the CD recorder and make notes of any information about their intuitive self that they became aware of during the exercise. Although this particular CD is non-3-D, it's simple format highlights Tom's careful pacing and his smooth elicitation skills.

Highly recommended for anyone who is interested in exploring and using intuition.

-Nancy L. Beplat-Rapporter Magazine 

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