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American Enneagram Sites

The Enneagram in Business
Features the widely respected work of Ginger Lapid-Bogda who offers coaching, consulting, and training services. Home of the Enneagram in Business Network, a worldwide group of Enneagram-business professionals who offer Enneagram-based services to a variety of industries. The website has a wide array of resources: training materials, articles, case studies and research. The Enneagram in Business Network also offers regular certification programs.
Enneagram Explorations
Features the dynamic research and insights of Katherine Chernick and David Fauvre into Enneagram "Tritypes" as well as subtypes. They offer phone coaching, consultations, trainings plus well regarded video programs.
Awareness to Action
A group of highly experienced consultants who have spearheaded the use of the Enneagram in organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to small and family-owned businesses and not-for-profit agencies. Consulting and training services, including executive leadership, team building, personality assessments and custom programs.
International Enneagram Association (IEA)
A non-profit membership organization devoted to promoting the value of the Enneagram. Sponsors a yearly regional conference and an International Conferences every three years.

Viewpoint Solutions
Courtney Behm is a  speaker, skilled facilitator and team leader with expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Enneagram Leadership Styles, she conducts client engagements that offer a wide range of creative opportunities for professional and personal excellence.
Enneagram Portland
Certified Enneagram Consultants Dale Rhodes, MS, MA. Interweaves psychology, professional experience and spirituality in his counseling and training.
The Enneagram Community of Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon group that offers ongoing Enneagram workshops with both a spiritual and psychological focus. Individual Spiritual Direction and Mentoring, Consultation for Communities and Organizations, Workshops and Classes.
Mission Accomplished
The work of Gabrielle Hass, a personal and organizational coach we highly recommend who works with the Enneagram.
9 Ways of Working Consulting
Enneagram seminars, talks and consultations based on Michael Goldberg's excellent best-selling book "The 9 Ways of Working." Goldberg speaks to groups and organizations and applies the Enneagram to enhance leadership, create effective work relationships, and enrich the life of teams and organizations.
Enneagram Worldwide
The work of Helen Palmer and David Daniels. Large informative site. How to discover your type and your path to development. Describes the interpersonal relationship strengths and challenges for every Enneagram style with every other style.

Enneagram Central
The clearing house for Enneagram information, upcoming workshops, books, CDs and resources.

Enneagram Institute
The books and workshops of Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson
Enneagram Monthly
The only independent Enneagram journal and the largest publication in the field. Includes articles, interviews with well-known teachers and thinkers in the field, news, book/movie/course reviews, teaching schedules.
Well-regarded new discipline that integrates the Enneagram with elements of dance and bodywork. EnneaMotion experientially explores the connection between our outer movements and our inner feeling / thinking states.
Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles
This website contains the classes, workshops, resources, and services offered by Jerome Wagner at Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles. It contains a brief inventory to assess your style, a description of the Enneagram styles, and a section of Enneagram essays that are added to from time
Workshops with Judith Searle
Author of The Literary Enneagram. Information about introductory Enneagram workshops and workshops focusing on the professional needs of writers and actors. Enneagram Monthly articles by Judith Searle.

Interfaith Spiritual Center
Portland, Oregon center that offers Individual Spiritual Direction and Mentoring, Group Spiritual Direction, Consultation for Communities and Organizations, Workshops and Classes. Occasional Enneagram training.
Lynette Sheppard, The Essential Enneagram
Lynette Sheppard, RN, CHT teacher of the Enneagram for 15 years.
Morning Glory Farm
A retreat for physical, mental and spiritual renewal near the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Workshops apply the Enneagram to enhance leadership, create effective work relationships, and enrich the life of teams and organizations.
Ridhwan School of A. H. Almaas
Information about the Diamond Approach to personal development, a spiritual practice that partially employs the Enneagram. Books and CDs for sale. Selections you can read from the works of A.H. Almaas.

International Enneagram Sites
AD International

British organisational training supplier and publisher: Use Transactional Analysis, NLP, Enneagram.
Enneagram: for enhancing personal and business growth
Dutch group. "We use the Enneagram Model in Business for enhancing personal and business growth by workshops, consultancy, teambuilding and coaching."
The French Institute of the Enneagram
Institut Français de l'EnnéagrammeThe Enneagram and its position in France plus bibliography, workshops, articles and film reviews.

Enneagram Solutions

Enneagram Ireland

Holland - Enneagram Stichting

Enneagram Germany

Enneagram in Business, Germany

Germany - EnneagrammlehrerInnen in der Mündlichen Tradition

Australia - Enneagram Australia

Sites About Psychological Type
Personality Tests on the WWW

Ericksonian Hypnosis Sites
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Health Journeys
Publishes an excellent CD series. Solid, sensible, leading-edge applications of guided imagery to medical conditions. Where to go if you are looking for adjuncts to regular medical care.
HypnoGenesis Magazine
Good material on the subjects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, written by hypnotists.
Maryland Institute Ericksonian Hypnosis & Psychotherapy
Well-regarded Institute with an eclectic range of courses and offerings.
Milton H. Erickson Foundation
The clearing house for interested students of Erickson. Workshops, books, CDs, archives, chat rooms and worldwide list of practicioners.
National Guild Of Hypnotists
A wealth of healthcare information. Constantly updated directory of professional-level healthcare web sites. Lists only web sites that offer professional-level information on healthcare. Their descriptions are unbiased, third-party reviews written by a review panel of professionals.
h information and support. Comprehensive lists of psychology websites, 85,000 treatment providers, books, interactive tests, and more.

Erickson Institute

Though she lacks a website we highly recommend the work of Carol Erickson, LCSW, MFCC.
For information go here. Or Write:
Erickson Institute, PO Box 739, Berkeley Ca 94701. Call 707-541-6496

NLP Sites
Anchor Point

NLP institute and magazine
Linzer Akademie fuer NLP
Austrian Nlp Institute
New York Training Institute for NLP
Enneagram and NLP Workshops
NIC Bookstore
NLP CDs and clearing house. Recommended for it's links and archives.
NLP of California
Good Northern California NLP Institute.
NLP Comprehensive
Good Colorado NLP Institute.
Merl's World on NLP
Comprehensive, non-commercial NLP information site.
Robert Dilt's Home Page
Dilt's books and NLP trainings. Includes information on his "NLP University."

Kurszentrum Aarau
The oldest and best Swiss NLP Institute. They feature training in Brief Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Feldenkrais and Kinesology.

The NLP Connection - Christina Hall
We highly recommend the NLP work of Chris Hall.

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