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Humor Power!
By Tom Condon  

Creativity & Flexibility  
Overcoming Difficulties 
More Humor In Your Life 
Improved Communication 


Much has been learned about the therapeutic value of humor and its possible health benefits. A good sense of humor is a major asset in stress reduction, creative problem solving, effective communication, as well as coping with difficulties and illness. 

This unique CD uses Ericksonian Hypnosis to evoke the quality of humor within you and integrate laughter into both your personal and professional life. Although entertaining, this CD is not necessarily funny. Its purpose is to enhance your individual style and expression of humor, to make humor a resource you can count on.  
   "If you're feeling stuck or disconnected from your more positive self, or if you've just never known how to cultivate a sense for the humor in life, this CD is for you. 

   Written and presented by Thomas Condon, this professionally produced CD uses Ericksonian hypnosis techniques for exploring this under-used or undiscovered part of ourselves. 

 In soothing tones and clear language, he moves us through exercises to help tap into our ability to see things differently, to stand reality on its ear."

- Journal of American Association of Therapeutic Humor

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